Tahnee, Portland, Or

“I am so deeply inspired and grateful for the incredible gifts that Deanna offers through her work. She is a total badass! In one session with her I feel as if I have made the movement that would take a year of psychotherapy. All that depth always feels grounded while she facilitates my own access to key insights and openings.”

Barbara, Certified Hypnotherapist

“I’m so grateful to Deanna for providing such a special and an even sacred environment in which I can explore my true self. I always come away from the sessions knowing my soul has been deeply touched and from that point forward will live life more fully. ”

Lisa, Naturopath

“At some nearly-conscious level, I knew I was capable of more. Using astounding gifts, and mystifying insights Deanna gently guided me toward the light, as though I discovered it for myself. Without your skill and talent, I would still be searching. Thank you!”


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