Meet Deanna

Deanna has been dancing around this life trying to act normal while energetically aware. She is an energy intuitive, medium, energy and dimensional conduit, and considers herself part of the spiritual ground crew. 

She has a profound ability to interpret between multiple dimensions, finding relevant 3rd dimensional interpretations and humor in the deepest of soul conversations.


A clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant and dimensional intuitive, she combines all of those gifts to interpret ‘the dimensional grandstands’, for those ready to ignite their own soul conversation. 


Deanna's gifts include a unique ability to feel the dimensional shifts possible for each individual or a group. She is here to wake up dimensional beings that have big soul projects begging to be sparked into action. Many clients experience sacred space for deep and impactful consciousness shifts. 

There is no limitation on how many people can receive an energetic spark at the same moment. She is potent as a private practitioner, but exponential in a group setting. 

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