Intuitive Energy Sessions

Golden Sparkles

Phone Session
45 Minutes

Virtual ONLY- Limited Availability
Private Session

 SPARK Sessions are magic!

The energy version of a Life Coaching Session and then some.

Whether you have a question, a hunch, an idea or anything really, this phone session gives dedicated access to brainstorm or ask for insights from an energy perspective and the Galactic Grandstands. This is not a counseling session or psychic reading, but a custom intuitive energy interpretation specific to you.

Each SPARK session is interactive and allows you an energetic dialogue that empowers you to make a minor change or receive clarity.


This powerful conversation is intended to nudge you into more intentional question asking, soul searching or galactic action.  


45 Minutes $199

By Appointment only


Group Event
Private Fierce Light Event

Interactive Session

 Virtual ONLY
Available by Appointment

Gather 4 or more curious souls and have some medium-ship fun, or receive core support as a group. Your host will pick the Fierce Light group event subject and gather relevant questions from your group.

A interactive way to experience intuitive interpretation!

...AND have a virtual adventure together.


55 Minutes $33 base fee

+ $15 per additional person

By Appointment

4 person minimum