Fierce Light Juice Bar: Stop by for a shot of energy.

Coming Soon!


Think of this like buying a shot of energetic wheat grass. It is a refreshing, straight shot of energy that will land in every cell in your body, between every cell in your body, and expand out through your entire auric field.  Shazam! You may even feel it now.

You can just receive, or if the subject matter sings to you, you can do a deep dive to really work consciously with the energy shift during and after the call. This event is all about community, feeling heard, asking questions and feeling supported.


This is about sending out a vibration, a frequency, a rejuvenating jolt, a grounding shift. 

By signing up for the Fierce Light Juice Bar event, you are giving permission to receive a focused shot of energy that you will absolutely feel.


All are welcome.

Truly no experience is necessary. Just a sense you need to be here and have an open-heart to receive and co-create. 

There are many talented energy gurus, mystics and experienced soul searchers that will pop in and are part of the Fierce Light Collective.