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Collectively Inspired


WE have a unique opportunity in this quarantine time to create a powerful frequency of clarity, hope and high frequency energy.


You can all likely feel the calm acceptance rolling into our new world including the honesty, loneliness, isolation and deep introspection. It shifted a couple of days ago. My sense is this calm is coming before the next storm. A false resting point to lull our overwhelmed senses, but also an opportunity to peel back layers that expose truth and genuine hearts. We have willingly given up freedoms trusting we are working for the greater good. This can be beautiful and/or taken advantage of.

Well this is such a strong 'psychic' statement, but here goes.......Time to turn on your highest frequency intentions and offerings for others! If you are called to read on you are likely an unconventional thought form leader called upon by your clients, friends or community who are looking for wisdom or opinions.  In the next days, your high frequency intention may NOT match the world.... will NOT be controlled.....And this may pull heavily upon you. Like a shooting star burning hot or being part of an underground movement in a war.

Keep it real. If your intuition says something is false- BELIEVE IT and consider saying it! Choose love and send love, VS. choose fear and send fear. This can be an inside job :) and absolutely will be customized to you and your collective. Perhaps it will inspire others too.

I encourage you to reach out conversationally on future Live Events to share thoughts.

I'm holding space for all of you on the planet, sending love and light, and holding room for channeled interpretations!!! Please know, you are always welcome to share or leverage the services in anyway that feels empowering to you and yours... and theirs.


P.S. Feel free to share this frequency conversation with others. They can feel it too and just need an invitation to connect.

Energy Work After Care
By Candace Casady
Energy After Care by Candy Casady.jpeg