Hello Energy Lovers!


Looking for something shiny? 

If so, this event is probably the right one for you.


It has been a number of years since the last Energy Jam, but it seems it is time to take this event and you, to the next level.

This is an interactive event that is perfect if you have been soul searching for a while, and have a curiosity with the 3D/5D world.


Each Jam is facilitated by Energy Master, Deanna Fulton and focuses on profound energy shifts, soul consciousness, awakening new possibilities, and creating special opportunities for you to throw open new doorways to your own magic. You can plan on surprises and exponential 'Aha's'! 

Uplift Yourself - 2027 152nd Ave NE #100, Redmond, WA 98052


Next Gen Energy Jam


$33 at the door

This phone session is exactly that… A SPARK.

Whether you have a question, a hunch, an idea or anything really, this call gives dedicated access to brainstorm or ask for insights from an energy perspective. This is not a counseling session or psychic reading, but an intuitive energy interpretation specific to you.

Each SPARK session allows you an energetic dialogue that empowers you to make a minor change or receive clarity. This powerful conversation is intended to nudge you into more intentional question asking, creative endeavors or soul searching. Whatever your soul is calling for.

PRICE: 15 minutes ~ $33

spark phone session 


An intentional soul session to empower more conscious living. If you are craving some deep energy work to ignite the next phase of your life or longing for that ‘missing piece’, this session may be the key to unlocking that embedded information.

Together, we interpret and unleash what your soul is calling for at that exact moment. This can be easy or heavy lifting. Entirely up to you…The goal is to help you ignite your personal power and start feeling wholeness.

Each private session empowers a unique blend of medium-ship, intuitive energy interpretation, and hands-on energy integration. You can expect profound shifts and relevant awareness as the outcome of every session. What you do with this new awareness is up to you. 


The altered space initiated during the session lasts for a few days, giving your mental and physical bodies a chance to catch up and integrate. The integration empowers you to embody each session into conscious living.

PRICE: 75 minutes ~ $150

Ignite Private Sessions

Gather 10 or more curious souls and have some intuitive energy, medium-ship fun.

This group activity is likened to throwing all your friends into the deep end of the pool and screaming ‘let’s do this thing.’  You can pick a happy hour subject to dive into or anything that intrigues you really. The intuitive interpretation builds off of the group’s engagement.

"Group energy work is my personal favorite! It is amazing to watch the Aha’s and deepening conversation unfold right before everyone’s eyes.You just can't miss it. The group and individual transformation sizzles as the intuitive energy amplifies people’s energy around any subject...AMAZING to witness this time and time again!"   ~Deanna

The ideal nudge between private sessions or to amplify other personal work you are focused on shifting.

PRICE: $45 per person* – 90-minute session

*Minimum 10+ people

Group Spark Sessions


It is a great self-care/self-healing skill.  Reiki training is offered exclusively to clients engaged in their soul discovery process. This energy is ideal to empower your personal energetics as part of your own healing plan.



Reiki 1 ~ $200

Reiki 2 ~ $300

Reiki 3 ~ $500

Reiki Trainings 


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